Last Update: Jun 04, 2018

Work in Progress (Selected)

  • “A Note on Nominal Rigidities and Model Misspecification”,
    under revision and coming soon as a working paper.
    - This paper was presented on October 2017 at JSME Autumn Meeting.
  • “Trend Inflation and Liquidity Trap: How Uncertainty Effect is Important?”, (Joint Work)
  • “Targeting and Anchoring in a Liqudity Trap”,
    - This paper was presented on March 2018 in Sophia University.

Working Papers

  • “Role of Expectation in a Liquidity Trap”, 2018. [Paper]
    with Yoshiyuki Nakazono and Yuki Teranishi
    UTokyo Price Project Working Paper Series University of Tokyo No.99, 2018
  • “Robust Monetary Policy and Nonzero Trend Inflation”, 2017.
    Under revision.
    - This paper was presented on July 2017 at International Finance and Development Economics Workshop.
    - Also, presented on February 2018 at KMSG and Economics Work Shop in Meiji Gakuin University.
    - Also, presented on May 2018 at JSME Spring Meeting.
  • “Optimal Monetary Policy, Anticipated Shocks, and Liquidity Traps”, 2017.
    - This paper was presented on October 2016 at JSME Autumn Meeting.
    - Also, presented on March 2017 at Development and Policy Seminar.
  • “Liquidity Trap and Optimal Monetary Policy Revisited”, 2016. [Paper]
    with Tomohiro Sugo and Yuki Teranishi
    UTokyo Price Project Working Paper Series University of Tokyo No.79, 2016
    - This paper was presented on August 2015 at Summer Workshop on Economic Theory (SWET).
    - Also, presented on November 2015 at 17th Macroeconomics Conference.


  1. “The liquidity effect and tightening effect of the zero lower bound”,
    Kohei Hasui
    Japanese Journal of Monetary and Financial Economics, Vol. 2(2), pp.1-15 Japan Society of Monetary Economics, 2014. [Paper]
  1. “Efficient immunization strategies to prevent financial contagion”,
    Teruyoshi Kobayashi and Kohei Hasui
    Scientific Reports 4 article number 3834, Nature, 2014. [Paper]
    This research was featured by Graduate School of Economics Kobe University: [Link]

Other Publication

  1. “Financial markets and the channels of monetary policy transmission”,
    Kohei Hasui and Teruyoshi Kobayashi
    Journal of Economics and Business Administration (Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi) Vol. 207(2), pp. 65-78, 2013. (in Japanese)

Presentations (Conference and Seminars)

  • 2018
    Japanese Economic Association Autumn Meeting (September, Gakushuin University, Scheduled)
    JSME Spring Meeting (May, Senshu University)
    Economics Workshop (March, Sophia University)
    The 52th KMSG Workshop (February, Meiji Gakuin University)
  • 2017
    JSME Autumn Meeting (October, Kagoshima University).
    International Finance and Development Economics Workshop (July, Kurume University).
    Development and Policy Seminar (March 10, University of Hyogo).
  • 2016
    JSME Autumn Meeting (October, Kansai University).
    Monetary Economics Seminar (October, Matsuyama University).
    The 39th KMSG Workshop (March, Kwansei Gakuin University).
  • 2015
    The 17th Macroeconomics Conference (November, Hitotsubashi Universuty).
    SWET (August, Hokkaido University).
    JSME Autumn Meeting (October, Tohoku Universuty).
    Japan Association for Applied Economics (May, Kyushu Sangyo University).
  • 2014
    DSGE Meeting (October, Kobe University).
    JSME Autumn Meeting (October, Yamaguchi University).
    Modern Monetary Economics (MME) Summer Institute (October, Kobe University).
    Japanese Economic Association Spring Meeting (May, Doshisha University).
  • 2013
    Japan Society of Monetary Economics Autumn Meeting (September, Nagoya University).
    Rokko Forum (November, May, Kobe University).

Competitive Grants

  • Principal Investigator:
    JSPS KAKENHI 17K13768 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B).
    FY2017-2020, JPY3,510,000.